• "For all your compliance needs"
  • "For all your compliance needs"
  • "For all your compliance needs"


Grievance Mechanism

Description: The purpose of this training is to enable the worker and management representatives to understand one another's expectations of an effective grievance mechanisn, and how it can help improve the industrial relations environment.
Content :
  1. For management
  1. Risk identification
  2. Early warning system
  3. Improved workforce morale
  4. Better communication with workers
  5. Ensures buyers issues are addressed without reputational damage.
  1. For workers/unions
  1. Safe place to raise concerns
  2. Better understand policies
  3. Solve individual / collective problems
  4. Feeling respected / listened to
Target participants
  1. Factory mangers
  2. Human Resource managers
  3. Supervisors
  4. Union representatives
  1. One day for top management.
  2. Three days for middle management.
Languages English, Sesotho and Chinese/Mandarin