• "For all your compliance needs"
  • "For all your compliance needs"
  • "For all your compliance needs"


Workers Life Skills

Description: This training covers the elements of life skills such as communcation at workplace, Financial literacy and maternal protection.
Content :

Maternal protection:

  1. Protection of pregnant workers
  2. Leave days for pregnant workers

Financial literacy:

  1. Budgeting
  2. Different forms of savings
  3. Debts controls

Workplace cooperation:

  1. Importance of communication at workplace
  2. Prevents Disputes
  3. Resolves problems quickly
  4. Improves working conditions
  5. Improves productivity
  6. Builds trust


  1. How to eat Healthy
  2. Benefits of Eating healthy
  3. Balance diet
Target participants
Languages English, Sesotho and Chinese/Mandarin