• "For all your compliance needs"
  • "For all your compliance needs"
  • "For all your compliance needs"


Occupational Health and Safety (OSH)

Description This Training emphasizes a preventive approach to improve conditions of health and safety inside factories.
  1. General workplace conditions
  1. Prevents disputes
  2. Resolves problems quickly
  3. Improves working conditions
  4. Improves Productivity
  5. Builds Trust
  1. Systems approach to creating an OSH policy
  1. Roles of OSH committees
  1. Arbitration council
  1. Specific issues in the workplace
  1. Temperature/ventilation
  2. Noise
  3. Lighting
  4. Chemical Hazards
  5. Machine guards
  6. Fire and electrical safety
  1. Checklist and risk mapping
Target participants
  1. Management with OSH responsibilities
  2. Factory unions
  3. Workers representatives
Duration 2 Days
Languages English, Sesotho and Chinese/Mandarin