• "For all your compliance needs"
  • "For all your compliance needs"
  • "For all your compliance needs"


Workplace Cooperation

Description: This training will improve the factory management and workers understanding of dialogue based problem solving.
Content :
  1. Importance of good communication
  1. Prevents disputes
  2. Resolves problems quickly
  3. Improves working conditions
  4. Improves Productivity
  5. Builds Trust
  1. Effective forms of workplace communication
  1. Information sharing
  2. Two way communication
  3. Joint decision making
  1. Dispute resolution
  1. Arbitration council
  1. Grievance procedures
  1. Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBA)
  1. Freedom of association
Target participants
  1. Managers
  2. Union workers representatives
Duration 1 Day
Languages English, Sesotho and Chinese/Mandarin